VISIT NEPAL 2020 | Let’s contribute to VNY2020 as a traveler

Ever think of traveling and contributing at a time? Yes! You read it right. I am pretty sure that most of us have heard about Visit Nepal 2020. Well, most of you might have. If you haven’t, No worries! This is the right blog for you.

Writing about the history of Visit Nepal Year campaigns back in the year of 1998 and Nepal Tourism Year 2011, the Tourism Board of Nepal has declared another tourism year, visit Nepal year 2020. Initially, it was proposed in 2015 and was supposed to held in 2018 but later on, it was re-scheduled to 2020. The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal’s government has exercised to witness the year of 2020 as #VisitNepalYear with the motto as “Lifetime Experiences. Nepal looks forward to hosting as many as 2 million foreigners and holidaymakers from all around the globe.

Visit Nepal 2020 | Be a Part of It

Visit Nepal 2020

Not only that, for the 2020 edition of the Visit Nepal 2020, the government of Nepal has come up with savvy policies to make 2020 a monumental and grand.

Keeping two new International Airports in Lumbini and Pokhara in full operations, Nepal’s government has shown up with plans. Moreover, it is also planning to operate Tribhuwan International Airport for auxiliary 3 extra hours from the usual 18 hours to facilitate the availability of services for both approaching and departing foreign nationalities.

Also, the administration is collaborating with different countries like Turkey, Japan, UAE, Egypt, and China to confirm air services. Besides, above-mentioned agreements the government is looking to amend some acts/policies regarding Nepalese Tourism such as casino rules and regulation, trekking ordinance, and mountaineering expedition enactments.

How can one contribute to Visit Nepal 2020 as a traveler?

As the campaign Visit Nepal 2020 is intended to all the global holidaymakers and adventure-seekers, indeed the foreigners are the main elements. As a backpacker, traveler, and well-wisher of beautiful Nepal, your small actions can have huge positive impacts.

Here are few contributions, one can contribute to #visitNepal2020 as a simple person, as a wanderer, as a blogger, writer, influencer and who not! We everyone can do little support to make VNY2020 grand.

1. Support Local; Buy Local

Nepal has been exporting its unique and captivating handicrafts to the neighboring countries and the rest of the world since centuries. Currently, more than 120 ethnic groups with their dialect and culture are living in Nepal. Wherever you dwell or while the hike in and around Nepal, you will meet street vendors selling or about to sell intricate and captivating handicrafts. Commonly, carved wooden Newari windows, singing bowls to a Tibetan prayer wheel can be seen.

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Simply, one can buy these handicrafts in streets, souvenirs shops, supermarkets, and handicraft stores. Buying it from locals who probably earn less than USD 10 per day is indeed supported. It is not only about money but also is a greater humanitarian gesture. Also, it is a huge contribution to Visit Nepal Year 2020.

Hence, purchasing local souvenirs is really like supporting local ventures. It is not the only the case of Nepal, everywhere in the world we should buy the local product. It makes their small industries can last for more years.

 2. Words of Mouth

Well-known that the words of mouth are an effective way of recommendation. In each campaign, destination or market, suggestion works. As a traveler and well-wisher, Nepal is just a developing country.

Spreading a few good words regarding the gem of a planet, Nepal, will leave a great positive impact as praise and publicity for Nepal. Now the time has been being replaced by the worldwide web, there are various other suitable paths of publicizing in different platforms like writing articles, blogging, posting photos, sharing photographs, and posting it on social media you can refer as good words of Mouth.

So when you are spreading words of mouth in the name of Nepal? Did you know? Nepal, the home to the highest peak of the world, boasts legendary destinations like Annapurna Base Camp Trek and Everest Base Camp Trek.

3. Eating at Local Eatery; Traditional Dishes

Visit Nepal 2020

YES! Nepal is familiar to international hotels, inns and restaurant chains like KFC and five stars hospitality hosts. It entails Hyatt Regency, Soaltee, Mariott Hotel, Hotel Annapurna luxurious hotels in Kathmandu alone.

However, if one decides to enter locally owned Khajaghar[lunch house] and relish upon traditional dishes, it matters.

If we do so, the money will get circulated to producers and farmers.

As Nepal presents a plethora of Nepalese traditional dishes to offer to everyone from every walks of life, you can choose community-based food providers.

And during your trek in Nepal, you can also try various foods and drinks at locally owned Homestays.

4. Hiring Local Porters and Guides

Visit Nepal 2020

Traveling alone in a new place is fun. But have you ever thought about how local guides and porters might help us? Of course! With knowledge and by maintaining our backpacks as well as logistics, guides and porters can assist.

When people coming to Nepal hire locals, it not only creates job opportunities among Nepalese people but also extends the tourism field. It aids people who do not have any other forms of employment to support their families. As I mentioned already, it is not only an issue of cash instead you get to know more about their dialects, culture, traditions and a few daily chores. Traveling and communicating with locals is the best way of exploring Visit Nepal 2020.

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You can hire guides while taking a day tour in Kathmandu and Pokhara. And when it comes to hiking in Nepal, guides and porters are highly recommended.

5. Practice Sustainable Tourism and Adopt Eco-friendly Moves

In remote parts of Nepal, people might not have insights on sustainable tourism. So, we as a traveler can help them to practice sustainability in the tourism fraternity.

Nepal is remarkably a clean country hence we should keep its beguiling aura so that we can hand over to our offspring.

We need to be eco-friendlier as we are sentient. As a traveler, there are still few things to contemplate while traveling. We should make sure that we are contributing to the economy and well as in the environment of our host country.

For instance, we can limit the uses of plastic bags. Carrying back the trashes and litter produced and its safe disposal is the best contribution.

If you want to travel an extra mile, you can even throw some spectra of knowledge among locals on how to get rid of the wastage correctly.

So, when you are becoming a part of and contributing to Visit Nepal 2020?

Wish you all a grand time in Nepal. Simply write to us for seamless trips and tours in Nepal. We look forward to welcoming you and your loved ones here in Nepal. 🙂

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