Nepal experiences four different seasons. This beautiful Himalayan nation is rich in vegetation, mountains, and people as well as water resources. However, the memory of visiting this nation might differ according to the season that you travel. Green lush forests and the climate play vital role in creating the momentous holiday for you.
If you want to experience lots of festivals or if you want the tranquil trekking trails then different seasons are required. At Mantra Adventure you get services throughout the year. However, we would like to share with our valued clients the various seasons that we have on offer for our travelers to plan their holiday.
Normally the spring season and autumn season are termed as the Best Season For  Nepal Trekking .

Autumn Season

This season starts on September and ends on November. If you want to experience the greatest festival of Nepal the Dashain and Tihar together with the chance to witness the green lush valleys and clear sky for the mountain vistas then this is the best season to travel Nepal. The trail is not slippery as the season comes after the rainy season and you will be blessed by the clean green atmosphere all around. The festive mood around the remote areas as well as urban areas might ignite festive mood inside you as well.

Spring Season

This is probably the most romantic season to visit Nepal. This time of the year is so much blossoming. The blooming flowers and the green lush forests are the major highlights. Trekkers will have chance to get the best view of mountains and the climate is very moderate. It starts on March and ends on May.

Winter Season

Months of December to February are the coldest but it is also the good season for trekkers to embark on the walking holiday. Most of the trekking trails are quite and if you want to walk on the low altitude and hilly trails of Nepal then this is the best time of the year to visit Nepal.

Summer Season

Summer in Nepal is not considered ideal to visit Nepal as monsoon starts and the view is cloudy. The trail is often muddy as well as slippery and the most haunting is the leech on the trail. If you want budget travel costs and wants to visit some leisure touring destinations then this is an ideal time to visit.

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