If you are thinking to do trekking in Nepal and lingering with the question of Is Nepal safe to travel? then no worries; undoubtedly Nepal is safe to travel. To remind all the travelers across the globe that Nepal has always welcomed the visitors across the globe gleefully. During the time of civil war and insurgency too Nepal was safe for the tourists. Moreover, nowadays the issues of national conflict have been resolved. The stable elected government is ruling the country. Therefore, political stability has cleared the fear of riots and insecurity among tourists.

2015 marked the black year of fate for Nepal. The deadly earthquake and landslide that followed nearly destroyed most of the trekking trails and touristic destinations. Langtang region was the most affected trekking route in that devastating earthquake. That’s why still a lot of people from all around the globe thinking that Is Nepal safe to travel? However, life has returned to normalcy and it assures you Nepal is safe to travel without any hesitation. Nepal has already celebrated the Tourism Year 2017 enthusiastically and millions of visitors visited the country with such activities as trekking in Nepal, tour in Nepal, climbing, rafting, jungle safari tour, etc. Lots of architectural buildings and temples have been reinstated as well as renovated. Some of the iconic places are under reconstruction. Trekking routes are open and to add gloss to these trails lots of new as well as exciting trekking trails have been opened. 

Therefore, don’t hesitate to visit Nepal. The country is buzzing and is safe to travel. Without waiting or postponing the further plan; book your holidays to Nepal. We are so glad to inform you that Nepal is safe to travel.  

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