Nepal is a landlocked country in between two giant neighbor countries India and China with a plethora of natural resources and cultural grandeur’s. The southern side is full of alluring Indian forests whereas the northern borders are full of lofty Himalayas. Numerous ethnic people residing harmoniously make the country yard of different traditions, rituals and values. The country is blessed by nature herself with mountains, hills, forests, rivers and grassy meadows. If anyone wants to relate the fairyland in earth Nepal can be the perfect example to showcase. Mantra Adventure would like to share some of the facts related to Nepal.

Festivals in Nepal

Nepal is multilingual and diversified country having different religion followers. However, the majority of the people follow Hinduism. Therefore, Dashain, Tihar, Chhath and Jatras are major festivals. Apart from these festivals Christmas, Eid and ethnic festivals are also celebrated. The country is known for the harmony among various religious followers. There are no clashes among these followers rather each other celebrates all kinds of festivals joyously.

Climate and Weather in Nepal

Nepal is a magnificent country with groupings of climates to appreciate. Four vital airs can be educated about Nepal. In any case, as demonstrated via arriving incorporates the air may change. Springs, Monsoon, gather time and winter are four critical airs of Nepal. In an inclining area like Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu and Langtang locale the ordinary temperature is around 1 or beneath zero. Regardless, unique spots are cooler with less stickiness. The Kathmandu Valley has the most brilliant climatic conditions with a typical temperature of 19-35 degree Celsius in the midst of summer and 2-10 degree Celsius in the midst of winter.


The genuine vernacular of Nepalese people is Nepali. Some ethnic social events of people talk their own specific lingo like Tibetan, Newari, Tamang, Gurung, Sherpa et cetera. Most of the all inclusive community can speak Basic English Language. If you have to enroll your own specific lingo talking guide then the association can coordinate. The charge for the lingo talking guide except for English is imperceptibly higher.

Geology and Forests

Nepal is an enchanting nation with three unquestionable geographical belts i.e. Slanting, Himalaya and Terai (Flatland). In these three geographical belts, voyagers will have the ability to experience three specific timberlands belts. Sub Tropical Deciduous woodlands are in Flatland Terai, Temperate woods is in A hilly area and Alpine timberlands is available in the Himalayan belt. In the upper Himalayan belt, ultra raised and scattered vegetation are also present. Moreover, voyagers will be regarded to witness a lot of normal life and vegetation.

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