Find out the best Trek to do in Nepal for you

Nepal is the greatest place in earth to witness the amazing phenomenon of Mother Nature. Apart from the wonders of nature one can experience the grandeur of multiethnic culture, traditions and values. In small geographical territory travelers can witness plethora of differing holiday activities. As the nation is known for the hills, Himalayas and remote rural areas trekking and hiking are the major tourists’ attractions. Most of the people visiting Nepal have the reason as trekking or hiking. However, finding the right trek to do in Nepal might be very tricky.

Every person is different and has different physical and mental health. Desires are one thing and capability is another. If you have strong willpower and desire you can conquer the world but realistically as a responsible trekking agency we would like to request our valued clients to reconsider the choice of trekking routes you wish to embark.

Mantra Adventure has categorized the trekking routes of Nepal in three different categories.

Easy or Normal

These trekking routes categorized under the Easy or Normal reach up to 4000 m. Walking hours per day is maximum 7 hours and the trail is well characterized as well as leveled.


Trekkers have to travel over 5000 m altitude during the moderate rated trekking routes of Nepal. Trekkers have to walk on the unleveled course as well as the trails have steep uphill and downhill. The walking hours per day is about 7-8 hours and the journey is of nearly two weeks.


Trekkers are required to have high degree of perseverance and physical fitness. Moreover, trekkers should have the knowledge of climbing and experience of walking at the difficult terrain. The maximum altitude may rise up to 6000 m height. Thin air, physical tiredness and cold weather are the major hindrances which trekkers must overcome during challenging trip journey.

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