Is Nepal Safe to Travel

If you are thinking to do trekking in Nepal and lingering with the question of Is Nepal safe to travel? then no worries; undoubtedly Nepal is safe to travel. To remind all the travelers across the globe that Nepal has always welcomed the visitors across the globe gleefully. During the time of civil war and insurgency […]

Altitude Sickness Info

Mountaineering and trekking in Nepal are the major activities to do in Nepal. It has been the most attractive holiday purpose to visit Nepal. However, these amazing things come with lots of risks and hurdles. Among many hurdles which are psychological and physiological the altitude sickness is also one. Altitude sickness is the name actually […]

Nepal at a Glance

Nepal is a landlocked country in between two giant neighbor countries India and China with a plethora of natural resources and cultural grandeur’s. The southern side is full of alluring Indian forests whereas the northern borders are full of lofty Himalayas. Numerous ethnic people residing harmoniously make the country yard of different traditions, rituals and values. […]

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is compulsory for all the travelers visiting the places above 2500 m altitude in Nepal. Most of the travelers overlook the Insurance issues but we highly recommend our travelers to get insured. It helps us and the travelers for the quick recovery or assistance during force majeure. Normally we recommend our travelers to […]

Trip Grades | Best Trek to do in Nepal

Find out the best Trek to do in Nepal for you Nepal is the greatest place in earth to witness the amazing phenomenon of Mother Nature. Apart from the wonders of nature one can experience the grandeur of multiethnic culture, traditions and values. In small geographical territory travelers can witness plethora of differing holiday activities. […]

Delay and cancellation of flights in Nepal

Nepal is full of difficult geographical terrain and climatic adversities. The unpredictable nature of climate and these geographical terrains makes flights to Nepal very vulnerable. Almost all domestic airports are manually functioning therefore clear weather without much turbulence is highly required. We would like to request our valued clients to add 2 extra spare days […]

Best Season for Trekking in Nepal

Nepal experiences four different seasons. This beautiful Himalayan nation is rich in vegetation, mountains, and people as well as water resources. However, the memory of visiting this nation might differ according to the season that you travel. Green lush forests and the climate play vital role in creating the momentous holiday for you. If you […]

Nepal Visa Information

Nepal has probably the easiest Visa procedure for any foreigners. If you don’t know the embassies or consulate of Nepal in your country then just book the ticket and fly to Nepal. You will get the Visa upon your arrival. If you are using the overland route from India and Tibet then immigration office at […]


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