Executive Team

Jeevan Ale


Mr. Jeevan is very versatile and highly experienced mountain guide who has experience of over a decade in the field of Nepal Trekking and tour. His strong convictions and visionary itineraries have helped to successfully complete plethora of trekking as well as expeditions. After years of hard work and dedication he founded the Mantra Adventure. His main motto of working is to exceed the guests’ expectations and giving back the worth of every penny spent by the valued clients.

Jeevan worked as Trekking Sherpa for 2 years and acquired his trekking guide license from Nepal Government. Since then it has been 12 years of great dedication guiding the people across the globe in the mountains and hills of Nepal. He has academic degree of Tourism as well which really helped the company to knit remarkable trekking and tour itineraries. Our trip packages are unique, updated and highly illustrated because of great inputs given by Mr. Jeevan.

Suraj Bhandari

Co-Founder / Web Developer

Mr. Suraj is travel fanatic. He has traveled to most of the trekking and tour destinations of Nepal with immense zeal and enthusiasm. He has got degree in Information Technology. The company is highly updated and has used the every communication channels for the smooth correspondence because of Mr. Suraj’s contributions.

His immense knowledge in the field of IT and destinations’ conditions he is head of itinerary formulation. Together with our senior trekking guides, tour guides, mountain guides and expeditions Sherpa Mr. Suraj is responsible for knitting the best suited tour itineraries.

Mantra Adventure is happy to have him onboard as Web Developing and Tour Planning Leader.

Geoff Maxwell


Mantra Adventure is delighted to have Mr. Geoff Maxwell as our "OVERSEAS MANAGER". He’s an exceptional human being with great heart and spirit.

Geoff is 56 years old and a grandfather of 2 grandchildrens. He is from Langholm the border town of Scotland. Throughout his life, he’s involved in a plethora of sports activities. From football to skiing and from golf to cricket he’s played all. At this age too he’s got abundance of energy for adventurous stuff and activities.  

Professionally he worked as Joiner for 40 years and Fire Fighter for 20 years. Besides these Geoff is passionate hill walker. He knows the great deal about hill walking or trekking. After his first trekking in Nepal to Everest Base Camp, his crave for trekking even increased. Therefore, he’s now part of Mantra Adventure management team. 

He has great knowledge of people's needs. This trait has been beneficial for Mantra Adventure to create holiday packages. 

Traveling requires lots of time and money. Experienced travel planners are compulsory for the hassle free holiday. Moreover, Mantra Adventure always strives to exceed the guests’ expectations. Geoff has been stalwart for the upkeep of standards set by the agency. 

The agency is even proud of Mr. Geoff. He has been awarded for his bravery and conscience. He was awarded the "St. Andrews Medal" which is one of the reputed honor of Scotland. 

His customer perspective and passion have really helped us to knit the best trip itinerary. 

Trekking Guides / Field Leaders

DB Rai

Trekking Guide

Mr. Rai is an energetic, athletic and experienced trekking guide as well as Everest Marathon Runner. The major attributes of Mr. Rai are zeal, honesty and resourcefulness. Therefore, travelers guided by him would get the complete information of the surrounding as well as they can experience the full arrangement of logistics soundly. Hiking in the mountains at the high altitude requires very experienced and athletic leader. Such kinds of qualities are instilled in Mr. Rai. The company is very much satisfied with the performance of Mr. Rai and therefore has made him one of the finest leaders of Everest trekking in Nepal.

Bharat Adhikari

Trekking Guide

Mr. Adhikari is very knowledgeable and has fluent linguistic skills. He has got the sound academic excellence and can maintain the hospitality as well as services as per the requirements. So far in his about 10 years of trekking guiding experience he has never been complained by the customers. His strong belief in providing the safe and resourceful outing to guests has made him utterly demanded trekking guide of Nepal.

Jhamka Sitaula

Trekking Guide

Mantra Adventure is very happy and honored to have him onboard as one of the senior most trekking guide of Nepal. He has already bestowed his experience in the field of Nepal Trekking for more than two decades. In fact he knows each and every details of the trail including the socio-economic changes around the lives of people of the trail. The more the trekkers spend time with him more they get hypnotized by his charm and zeal.

Dinesh Rai

Trekking Guide

Mantra Adventure is blessed to have diversified team members of different expertise. Mr. Rai brings the enormous energy and humorous quotes during trips. In the tiresome long detour his presence always helps trekkers to pass the time. Amid beautiful natural attractions his gracious presence in group will bring the vibrant cultural vibes to the team.