Off the Beaten Treks

Off the Beaten Treks are remote region and less explored trekking routes of Nepal. Trekkers can enjoy virgin enchanted tranquil destinations of Nepal while walking on these types of trekking routes.  If you are looking for the wild experience other than mainstream Nepal Trekking courses then this is the best travel package to choose. Mantra Adventure guarantees the in to the wild feeling and magnificent experience while taking you to the less investigated locale of Nepal.

Mantra Adventure is well organized trekking agency of Nepal with varieties of travel packages to choose for the momentous holiday of your life. Be that as it may, we are more worried about the supportable and general tourism advancement of Nepal. We are satisfied to present the off the beaten treks way in different non touristic zones too. Nepal is sloping and Himalayan nation with plenty of the spots still not went by many. There are incalculable towns and normally alluring spots where trekkers or vacationers can appreciate. In this manner, we have presented different trekking trails.

We have opened the idea of tweak your own particular outing with respect to the elective trails to investigate bumpy landscape and Himalayas of Nepal. Moreover, Mantra Adventure and Expedition is more worried about the arrangement of excite and energy to the trekkers. At the point when each side of Nepal is touched by the tourism then general economical tourism can be accomplished. Nations like Switzerland and Austria are extremely well known for the touristic exercises in light of the equivalent advancement of the attractions. Lamentably, in Nepal just prominent goals like Everest locale, Annapurna, Langtang, Upper Mustang locale and Manaslu area are advanced. Nepal Tourism Board and Government of Nepal too need to give consideration for the equivalent conveyance of the touristic exercises.

Come and go along with us to trek in the remote less investigated trails of Nepal. Together with us how about we encounter the credible genuine Nepal. Off the beaten treks way would be the best bundle to do as such. Spend your vacation in the most serene spots of Nepal.


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