10 Must-Try Traditional Nepali Dishes Other than Dal Bhat 

Can you give a random guess? What can be the favorite traditional dishes of Nepalese? Believe us! Any Nepali soul will answer ‘Dal Bhat, of course!’Yes! There are other must-try foods in Nepal other than Dal Bhat too.

It is amazing seeing foreign people eating rice (Bhaat) several times a week (if not, twice a day). Even 80% of Nepalese prepare Dal Bhaat twice a day as a staple food, there are plenty of savoring traditional Nepali dishes that one should try while he/she visits Nepal.

Being smaller in size yet complete in itself, Nepal is perched in between India and China bordering on the north with Tibet province of China and in the south, east & west it is bordered with India. Being shared the border with these two giants countries Nepal is a masterpiece in terms of diversity for everything like people, culture, custom, language, food, and flora-fauna.

Nepal is the eclectic mixture as it is in between India & China and has become the perfect blend. Here in this blog, we will be discussing 10 must-try Nepalese foods other than Dal Bhat. And you should try them when you are in Nepal. There is a saying in Nepal “Dal Bhat Power 24 Hour”. After embarking your journey towards the Himalayas in and around Nepal or experiencing trekking in Nepal you will find this quote real one.

Talking about the staple food, Dal Bhat, it is the prime dish of Nepalese people almost twice a day. People eat it with a set of few other dishes which comes with Daal (Lentil’s soup), Bhat (boiled rice), Tarkari (Curry), Chutni (Pickle), Mashu (Meat), Papad (Thatched Chickpea). Also, sometimes with some garnished seasonal salad with a peeled lemon slice is not a bad taste. Yes! You must give it a try as this is the staple food in Nepal.

Indeed, Daal Bhaat is not just a dish, it’s a favorite meal and too satisfying. It’s no wonder Nepalese are obsessed with Daal Bhaat.

10 Must-try foods in Nepal other than Dal Bhat

1. Mo: Mo Dumplings

Must-try foods in Nepal

Another super popular food from Nepal is Mo: Mo. Indeed, our list of must-try foods in Nepal would be incomplete without mentioning the most loved lunch in Nepal, its nothing other than mo:mos. While strolling around the capital, we can see Mo: mo centers/stalls in every corner.

Mo: Mos is originally used to be eaten in Tibet but later it came to Kathmandu and now it is super famous. Momo dumplings are covered with spiced meat & vegetable inside either steamed or dip fried served with sauces and pickle. As a bottom line, Mo: Mos being originated from Tibet is a popular dish. One of the must-try traditional Nepali foods mo: mo is with Indian cuisine influenced pickle.

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2. Sel Roti – must-try foods in Nepal 

We better know sel roti as the Nepalese alternative homemade form of Donut. Nepal’s answer to the donut is Sel Roti (because they’re deep-fried and round in shape). It can be prepared with rice flour and a few amounts of sugar which is deep fried. In Nepal, we can taste Sel Roti commonly at road-side snack stalls. Also, Nepalese people made it even in homes during celebrations and on the occasion of festivals and events (especially Maghe Sankranti and Tihar, Marriage celebration).

Either pickle or potato curry intensifies its taste.  We strongly recommend you guys to try this Nepalese version of donut though it may be less sweet. You should give it a try while on a trip to the hilly region
Tip: Better to taste eat immediately after it is prepared or deep-fried. 😉

3. Bara, Nepalese Pancake

Bara, must-try foods in Nepal a traditional Newari dish which is like a pancake made up of black lentil. Generally, we get to find it in the capital Kathmandu which is considered healthy as well as hygienic food. It should be listed as one of the popular foods in Nepal. As this is the typical food of Newari communities, one can find it along the narrow and paved alleyways of the Kathmandu Valley. Newari people are a Nepalese ethnic group who were the indigenous demographics of the Kathmandu Valley.

Not only Bara, the distinct culture, cuisines, architectures, and language still have a distinct and strong presence in the capital. Today, Newari foods are a unique subset of Nepali cuisine. We can consume Bara normally as plain and also with egg or meat topping.

4. Juju Dhau, The king of Yogurt

Another food item one should not miss during Nepal visit, is the famous Nepalese home-made yogurt especially, found in the Kathmandu Valley (Bhaktapur). The word literally means “Dhau” a sweet yogurt, which is a prominent food (dessert) from the Newari community, an indigenous tribe of Nepal [Kasthamandap Valley].

Juju Dhau, in Newari dialect, implies “The King of Yogurt”. It is not only reachable in streets of Bhaktapur but we can find it around the medieval alleys of Kathmandu and Patan.

5. Chatamari – must-try foods in Nepal

Chatamari is also a famous Nepali dish which belongs to Newari communities. It is the Nepalese version of Pizza. While taking the course around the narrow alleyways of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan, the savoring smells of Chatamari and other Newari delicacies normally hit our nose.  You should give it a try while spending days in Kathmandu. 

6. Dhido with Local Chicken

Comparatively, the hilly regions of Nepal prepare Dhido frequently. This flour pudding is not only considered as the healthiest delicacy but also as holy food, mostly during the fast. Served with intense tomato pickle, chicken curry, mutton and sometimes with Gundruk, Dhido lasts comparatively more than other dishes. Best region to try Dhido is Annapurna Sanctuary.

Dating back to the Nepalese history,  we can read that Dhido was consumed by Nepalese history-makers and changers. In addition to that, it is also considered as pure food to have during the fast because it does not contain salt or vegetable oil.

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7. La Phing

The list of must-try foods in Nepal would be an incomplete one without La Phing. It made its path to Kathmandu valley via Tibet, although it is originated from China, Nepal’s northern neighbor. La Phing, a Tibetan street food is a spicy cold noodle made by mixing  Mung bean flour. People have it with soup also. But, some people might prefer it dry. In Nepal, the vibrant streets of Boudha Stupa are the perfect spots to relish upon several Tibetan delicacies like La Phing. You can try this while taking a course around Boudhanath Stupa. 

8. Yomari

Yomari sits on the top portion of 10 must-try traditional Nepali foods. It’s a very popular delicacy especially among the Newari-based communities in Nepal. Though, It is an occasional food it is readily available around the nook and corners of the valley. Each year on the auspicious occasion of second full moon day, people from the Newari community prepare Yomari. You can try and thank us later. 🙂

9. Kwaati:

Like Yomari, Kwaati is also an occasional dish in Nepal which is regarded as a nutritious food item. It contains high protein and fibers which is enjoyed by several ethnic groups in Nepal. Mad from the mixture of nine different kinds of cereal, Kwaati according to local belief, is beneficial for the digestive system. Apart from its nutritional value, it’s the main food on the occasion of Janai Purnima. Janai Purnima falls in the month of August.

10. Newari Khaja Set

Last but not least another popular food one must not miss while his/her stay in Nepal is Newari Khaja Set. As the set is the vibrant combination of several other dishes we can get to taste other Newari dishes too. Right places to trace this dish are Newari- based restaurants or in the narrow alleyways of the valley almost everywhere. Basically Newari set contains Chiuraa (beaten paddy), Chhoila (boiled and mixed with spice meat), spicy curry, beans, omlete & bamboo’s soup & some fried peanut-t as its major ingredients. Newari set acts as lunch, snacks, dinner as a main course because it is a complete meal.

Hence, we hope we have been able to provide you some basic insights on must-try foods in Nepal that one should not miss during Nepal stay. The main thing is that everything mentioned above might not be readily available as there are some occasional foods too. Also, everyone in Nepal even might not have knowledge of foods and culinary facet. Therefore, we recommend you guys, better to explore Kathmandu valley and beyond with fully trained, hospitable guides.  As trained professional are fluently speaking tour mentors as well as well-informed tourist personnel.

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