Tibet is undoubtedly the most mysterious, mythical and serene place on earth. Often regarded as the roof of the world the place has become the magnificent touristic place. Mantra Adventure knitted various travel packages around Tibet. From the holy Kailash Mansarovar Yatra to overland Everest Base Camp Tour, travelers can enjoy the majestic nature and cultural grandeurs in this place. Under the People’s Republic of China this Himalayan destination has many palaces, temples, pagodas, lakes and mountains. The landscape of this Himalayan Plateau is unique and the place can become the photographer’s paradise as well.

Majority of people living in Tibet follows Buddhism and Bon Po religion. However, the place is equally holy and important to Hindus as well. Mt. Kailash which is regarded as an abode of Lord Shiva and Mansarovar Lake which is considered as the home of Sesh Naag the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Therefore, these two places make it the sacred pilgrimage site. Lots of Hindu followers visit and do circumambulation of the mountains in bid to gain the enlightenment and to get relieved from any sins committed on this mortal world. It is believed that those who takes dip in the Mansarovar Lake and perform the circumambulation (Kora) of the mountains will get the chance to be at heaven.

Tibet has many cities where travelers can relish the numerous palaces and pagodas. The most iconic palace of Potala which used to be the political administration hub of Dalai Lama as well and the view of Lhasa city from the balcony of the palace are so amazing. Shigatse and Rongbuk Monastery are other attractions of Tibet. To reach the Everest Base Camp from Nepal trekkers have to walk for almost 10 days but from the Tibetan side it can be reached via road up to Base camp. Therefore, lots of travelers reach the EBC from Tibet as well.

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