The perfect blend of the sky lining mountain peaks and the nature’s uttermost beauty makes Nepal the best place to trek on globe. For anyone from any walk of life, trekking in Nepal would be a mesmerizing recess from their hectic life to mingle up with the true wilderness that lies yawning in the hidden chest of nature. Trekking in Nepal suits as the best get away from your daily tiring life not only because of the eight top ten highest peaks that nestle in its heart but due to the various levels of assessable routes from easy to challenging. Nepal suits as the best trekking destination as it offers a huge variety of trekking routes to choose from according to your need. It considers your will either to travel alone or with your family. Nepal serves all sort of trekking routes available on this globe under one roof as a result of its diversified topography. Trekking in Nepal will surely blow away anyone’s heart with the alluring beauty of the snow-capped mountain vistas, cascading waterfalls, majestic cliffs, breathtaking gorges, blooming forests and distinctively diversified wildlife that blooms limitlessly. Backing up this magnet like tourist attracting wherewithal is the loving and welcoming hospitality of the native people habituating in the nature’s extravagant backdrop.

Trekking in Nepal offers you from the thrilling route of the world’s highest peak, Mt Everest to the heart capturing route of the Photographer’s Paradise, Poon Hill. Trekking in Nepal is available in all sorts; from single trek to group trek. If you are in mood of exploring the enthralling beauty of nature on your own you can travel but the unique and surprising landscape of Nepal makes it difficult for one time visitor so the either you are travelling group or single the expert consultation of the Trekking agency is required. There are other options as well, like hiring your own personal guide, porter, photographer, etc, but you might as well want to know the true story hiding under these sacred destinations from the local people which is as well possible for you to acquire. The best thing about trekking in Nepal is that even if you get into any trouble in this wilderness you will surely find a helping hand to get you out of it as the people residing here have the motto ,”Athiti devo vawa.”, which means guests are Gods.

Come and witness this prolific nation serving you the natural and cultural wonders with impeccable hospitality.


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