Day Tours in Nepal

Day Tour in Nepal is uniquely designed travel package in which travelers can enjoy the magnificent wonders of Mother Nature and Cultural wonders in just a day’s visit. Mantra Adventure has knitted the itinerary for a day tour in Nepal focusing adventure, pilgrimage, historical and leisure purposes of traveling. Travelers of different styles can choose our day tours packages. Either you are in Nepal for the business or for the leisure this can be perfect for refreshment or quick recess out of your busy schedule. As an experienced travel planner and leader we would like to recommend the travelers who are on long trekking holiday in Nepal to opt for the day tours. This would give them more information as well as value for the money invested on their voyage.

In adventure aspect travelers can choose our packages like paragliding, caves exploration, kayaking, cannoning, bungee, rafting and swing. These adventurous activities can be done within a day and the package is also very moderate to cheap.

If you are history and culture lover then visit of UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE Sites of Kathmandu Valley could be the best Day Tour holiday package to choose. You can have the sighting of old durbars, temples and museums. Great Nepalese ancestral heritages, cultural grandeurs and architectural masterpieces can be observed in three major cities of valley the Kathmandu, Laliltpur and Bhaktapur. Apart from the architectural and historical facts religious factors can also hypnotize you. Places like Bouddhanath, Swyambhunath, Pashupatinath and Changunarayan carry great heritage of history, culture and religion of Nepalese people.

For leisure purpose you can choose to stroll around the Lake City Pokhara or Around Kathmandu Valley or for the jungle safari. There are numerous ways to pass time in Nepal and be closer to nature or people. There are lots of things to do in Nepal. Get around the local city markets; try out the local delicacies and drinks.

There are numerous places in Nepal where you can have splendid Day Tour holiday in Nepal. Contact our travel planners and create your magical day trip of Nepal’s spectacular places.


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